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Over the last few years, the world has experienced an unprecedented pandemic. At the crossroads of coexistence or co-destruction, nations learned that community-centred thinking and action was needed, breaking away from self-centred behaviour. This relates to ongoing discussions around ‘social value’. Those discussions on social value are taking place in both the public and private sectors and there are efforts underway to spread social values. However, discussions around how social value differs from existing public values and from a government's pursuit of publicity are ongoing. This handbook furthers the discussion on the premise that social value is the main axis of the paradigm shift of local governments oriented towards traditional development administration. The handbook focuses on what should be done by local governments to spread social value, directly accommodating the demands of residents. The handbook presents the actions local governments must take to promote social values as five means, based on a new government framework. In the constitutional area, legislation of social value and establishment of social value exchanges are the means suggested. In the area of jurisdictional and civic infrastructure, the means include cooperative governance and a shared platform. In policy strategy and policy infrastructure and implementation and service delivery, means for quantification of social value (or establishment of an evaluation system) is introduced. The handbook also presents relevant cases for each means. Action steps and exercises needed and factors to be considered in implementing social value also are included. For in-depth consideration, refer to the cases. Not all means for promoting social values are presented here. We have only selected and presented the things that we consider most important. Those who have to solve this problem might want to search for more resources and books. This handbook aims to serve as an entry-level guideline for those beginning their work in this arena.